Pokemon re-imagined for a slightly more mature audience


Steampunk version of Airman from megaman 2


This is my re-imagined mega man in a steam punk setting. Maybe I’ll turn it into a fan-fiction if I find the time.


Another campaign ad, this time for Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryan, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons. 




I made this last night and didn’t think it’d be so popular, but I woke up in the morning and saw that it already had 2,000 likes on Facebook. Currently, it has over 5,200 Likes on Facebook and 2,200 Shares! Pretty crazy. There is obviously much love for everyone’s favorite Half-Man. 

Source: gameofthrones

I know what the average person is thinking when they read this. Who are these guys, and who cares? If it’s not Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, I don’t want to hear about it. 

Well, why is Erik Morales significant? He is the last boxer to defeat the 8 weight-class world champion, Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao. Granted, that was six years ago in 2005, back when Pacquiao was a one-dimensional fighter, but still, Morales can proudly claim to be the last man to best the Filipino slugger in the ring. If you’re curious about the fight, click here to watch the whole thing. Morales and Pacquiao went on to fight two more times, with Pacquiao winning both of those rematches in convincing fashion. Afterwards, they went on to become good friends and even filmed this commercial together. 

Fine. Now why should I care about Marcos Maidana? If there has been any boxer who has established himself as the “bad guy” in recent boxing news, I would have to say that it’s Marcos Maidana. I’m not talking about the Pretty Boy Floyd kinda bad guy who is flashy and talks a lot of smack as part of a PR hype. I’m talking one mean-mugging, hard hitting, wild man. If you don’t believe me, watch any of his highlight reels. Maidana is a hard-hitting slugger from Argentina who has a record of 29 wins, 2 defeats, 27 wins by knock out. That’s a staggering knockout percentage of 87%! Maidana is not a good looking man, he does not display good sportsmanship, and he is an animal in the ring. Not to mention, he also has a tattoo of a gun on his belt-line. He looks like he belongs to a drug cartel. 

Maidana comes off as even more of a bad guy when he punishes and pulverizes good-looking, likable prospects and young champions like Victor Ortiz and Amir Khan

This fight is bringing together a lot of interesting dynamics. On one hand, Erik Morales is a skilled and crafty veteran boxer, the current WBC Silver World Lightweight Champion (and 7 time world champion in 5 different weight classes), and an all-around likable guy (hell, he works as the head of the Parks and Recreation Department for Tiajuana, donating his salary to department to further fund it, all to give back to the fans who’ve supported him over the years.) On the other hand, Marcos Maidana is a younger, energetic, hard-hitting, aggressive fighter who has thrashed every single opponent he’s ever faced, (yes, he handed out hearty beatings to even the two fighters he lost to, but happened to lose the fight on points) has bad sportsmanship in the ring, and has a face only his mother could love.

This fight is about young vs old, good vs evil, boxer vs brawler, and so much more. If Morales wins this fight, it will prove to many critics that he is ready to be back in the ring and that he can still hang with the best in the division. Unfortunately, the odds seem stacked against Morales and it’s becoming increasingly clear that this may be his farewell fight in which he will be hammered to pieces by the younger, more vicious fighter in Maidana. Maidana is the younger and hungrier fighter and he will most likely knock Morales out in the middle rounds. If Morales wins, it will most likely be a hard-fought fight which he will win by Split Decision or possibly Unanimous Decision. Regardless of who wins, it should be a very entertaining and action packed fight (for however long it lasts).